Fibreglass Pools

We are the local agents for Barrier Reef Pools. Barrier Reef Pools specialise in the manufacture of quality fibreglass pools. They have a large range of shapes and sizes available. The beautiful “Shimmer” and “Royal” pool finishes are available in a select range of colours to suit every setting. With over 40 shapes and sizes to choose from, you are guaranteed to the find the pool that suits your needs.

We are pleased to have an unique new pool design in our range, known as the “Brooklyn” and is available in three sizes. This pool includes a spa and kids play area inside the pool shell at the shallow end, the perfect pool and spa for a young family to enjoy. Dimensions of the Brooklyn are in the fibreglass pool range.

Fibreglass Layer System Barrier Reef Pools Lifetime Structural Warranty is backed by Barrier Reef Pools and FGI. You can purchase a quality Barrier Reef Pool with the peace of mind that these two large well funded companies are committed to building the best.

Please click on the fibreglass shell to see our full range of fibreglass shape and sizes. Also scroll down to see our photos of completed fibreglass pools.

Why buy fibreglass?

Quick as a splash
Your fibreglass pool can be installed in as little as 7 days.

Weather or not
Weather conditions usually won’t hold up installation. The pool shell arrives on-site pre-formed, complete and weatherproof.

The big finish
An impervious pigmented surface finished called “gelcoat” is applied during manufacture. So you needn’t spend time and money tiling, etc.

Smooth and safe
Unlike some other materials a fibreglass pool is not abrasive and there are no sharp, dangerous edges, so no skin off fingers and toes.

Flexing its muscle
Our fully moulded one piece 100% fibreglass pool shell flexes without cracking to accommodate earth movement

Looking good
Fibreglass pools come in a fantastic range of new colours, shapes, sizes and designs.

Have fun
That’s all that’s left to do. With the most hassle-free pool materials available.